Living Spiritually

‘Living Spiritually’ – a 6-week programme

When? Tuesday nights, 7-8pm, starting 19 January 2021, via Zoom.

What is it? ‘Living Spiritually’ is a 6-week programme exploring how to live spiritually in the 21st century, in a time of global pandemics, climate change, and other concerns. We will be meeting virtually via Zoom every Tuesday evening for an hour of discussion, sharing, and reflection.

We will begin each session by lighting a candle and hearing some words of wisdom from different religious and cultural traditions, followed by a chance to share our own personal stories, experiences and views, for those who wish to. We will then have time for group discussion, before ending each session with some time for reflection and closing words.

The aim of the programme is to help us to explore and develop our own spirituality, so that by living more spiritually we can improve our lives, our communities, and our world.

Who is it for? Anyone! For anyone interested in living a more spiritual life.

How much does it cost? Nothing! The course is offered for free by Swansea Unitarians (High Street, Swansea) and Gellionnen Chapel (Pontardawe), two liberal and open-minded spiritual communities.

Who is running it? The course leader will be Rory Castle Jones, Student Minister at Swansea Unitarians Gellionnen Chapel.

Are you trying to ‘convert’ me? No. This programme isn’t about “converting” anyone to a particular religion or set of beliefs, but helping us to all to connect to our own spirituality. We hope the experience changes us all – but we are not trying to “convert” anyone.

How do I find out more / sign up? To find out more and/or to sign up to the programme, please contact Rory Castle Jones by email or phone 07817 631 879. When you sign up you will receive the Zoom information and further information about each session.


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